How does an online consultation work?

When you see posts on social media advertising and promoting an online session I’m sure you will be asking yourself how does that work? How can I help reduce your pain when you are not in the same room?

Well, it looks just like a regular session that you would have if you came to see me in the clinic. We will discuss your pain and your medical history as well as identifying the end goal and formulating a treatment plan.

As you may or may not know I am very much a hands on clinician but there is a large part of a patients treatment that will always rely on movement based practice. During an online session you will be asked to perform movements and hold positions that are designed to reduce pain and increase mobility.

What will this look like?

During the session I will share videos with you for you to follow and we will assess how this will fit into your plan as you perform them on the call. The obvious difference between this and a normal session in the clinic is that I will not be able to use any hands-on tools, so we will work together to get the plan right so you can still work towards recovery.

I will then send you a structured set of exercises to complete all laid out in an easy to follow app which also gives you a daily plan, video prompts and questions to help you rate the effectiveness. We will complete the call with questions and schedule a follow up session (if necessary)

So less hands-on treatment but ultimately a solution to you being able to get back to a happier and pain free you. If for whatever reason you are unable to see me at the clinic or are now effected by the COVID – 19 pandemic we have a way of getting that pain sorted. Injury, Stiffness or just pain is treatable during this time, an online session can help.